Meet Ellen

After 35 years of legal practice in the Capital District, I am thrilled to be launching my lifelong passion for higher education and college admissions into my new business Ellen Roesch, Your College Coach! Thank you for visiting my site and best of luck to all the parents and students out there searching for the perfect fit. I believe there is a college for every student and it’s my goal to help you find it!

You may wonder why a veteran lawyer has decided to become a college admissions coach. Believe me, you wouldn’t be the first person to ask the question. Although, when you take a closer look at the skill sets required for both jobs, and then add the unique skills and talents that I bring to the table, it’s truly a winning combination:

• Lawyers are skilled writers which is a key component to the college admissions and essay writing process.
• Lawyers have extraordinary attention to detail and patience with bureaucratic challenges, also part of the admissions game.
• Practicing law involves the ability to cut through red tape, track early deadlines and push to a finish line successfully, which is the end goal here!

These skills are the key when managing differing college requirements, testing dates, interviews, tours and letters of recommendation. I am undaunted by paperwork!

Ellen Roesch Founder of Ellen Roesch, Your College Coach Albany, NY

Ellen Roesch
Founder of Ellen Roesch, Your College Coach

State University of New York at Geneseo

What Are My Own Skills & Talents For This Career Choice?

I am a graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo, BA with honors, 1982, (All American, 1981) and the Ohio Northern University College of Law, magna cum laude, 1985.
From 1985-1999 I was an attorney and partner in the Albany office of the Buffalo law firm of Hodgson Russ. Since 1999, I have been an attorney with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.
I love to talk to parents and students and build a connection
I’m excited to bring all my years of varied experience to this new endeavor and I look  forward to working with you!
  • I love to talk to parents and students and build a connection

  • I want students and parents to enjoy these last years of being home-senior year especially is such a poignant time of firsts and lasts and it goes so fast. Bickering over the college essay will put a damper on any family event.

  • I am a recent veteran of the admissions process with my own daughter (NYU ’20). Throughout her college search, I had the opportunity to visit many campuses, speak with admissions counselors and gain strong traction for the admissions process.

  • This is a thrilling family time that I love to share with people!

  • The college admissions process is stressful. It is helpful to have a trusted middleman

  • I am a Mom and I have a special soft spot for the high schooler; I know what a turbulent and stressful time it is and I can help ease that tension

  • Parents are normally my peers and become my friends