Who Are My Clients?

Students with Special Interests in the Arts

Students with Special Interests in the Arts

Many students have special interests and unique skills that they have developed for many years and hope to pursue in college. Some of these include theater, music, photography, dance, culinary arts and other exciting talents that will require special attention to the college selection process.

I have expertise in portfolio and video development, clips, audition preparation and all the other things necessary to make a student stand out in the competitive selection process.

I am also willing to attend all auditions and interviews with you and interface with admissions officers, producers and student directors on your behalf. I am your advocate from beginning to end.

Student Athletes

I have worked with several local students as they have navigated the complicated rules and regulations surrounding Division I, II and III sports in college.

My skills as a legal advocate are particularly useful here as we negotiate the terms of the student’s acceptance and other aspects of their collegiate athletic career.

This is a very challenging experience for students and parents and a skilled middleman/lawyer who knows the rules and regulations, and how to negotiate the package, is critical to a successful choice.

Student Athletes
Students with Special Interests & Gap Years Albany, NY

Students with Special Interests & Gap Years

Many students have special interests in travel, global service, international affairs, environmental initiatives, political activism and other activities that do not lend themselves to traditional four years of academia. These students have tremendous options and I am committed to helping them find the best use of this time in their lives.

I have access to international community service programs, political activities and campaigns on the local, state and national level. There are many options available to students who may be thinking seriously of taking some time to reflect on their talents, passions and interests.

Gap years and post-grad years can be extremely beneficial for students who are committed to making an informed and intelligent choice about college.

Everyone In Between!

Every student with the aspiration to obtain a higher education should have the chance to achieve that goal, and I’m here to make that a reality.

Once an Agreement for Services is entered with parents or guardians, I consider the student to be my client. Of course, I welcome and solicit input from parents and guardians during all phases of the process but ultimately it is the student who must be the most satisfied with the decision.

I normally meet with students in person in places where they feel most comfortable-their home, a public library, a diner, Starbucks, etc. Most of my clients are local students.

Everyone In Between!

I currently represent students locally from:

  • The Albany Academies
  • Albany High School
  • Shaker Central School District
  • Shenendehowa School District

  • Bethlehem School District

  • Guilderland School District
  • Vooreheesville School District
  • Averill Park School District
  • Saratoga School Districts
Thanks to the great technology available today, I also represent clients in Florida, Connecticut and California.
We are able to stay in constant contact via Skype, video chat, text and phone.